Raaaah by pete-williams

One of the bald eagles at the Hawk Conservancy Trust .. always nice to catch them at an interesting moment. This guy was having a little shout after being let out for a flying display.

I’ve tried to process this down to make it darker and give it a more serious look. I hope you like it

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Insane by Wieselblitz

Another goofy Noodles.
She had distemper as a puppy, that’s why… I guess. Well, her teeth are really bad because of it. But she is crazy by nature.

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Blue by Carlosmacr

Es la tercera vez en 10 minutos que subo esta imagen. Es lo que tiene cuando uno no está seguro de lo que hace… 🙂 Los retratos no son precisamente lo mío…

Así que nuevamente disculpas para aquellos que les dio tiempo a dejar un comentario y visitar las anteriores imágenes.

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