Morning Serenade by MarkMetternich

Post Processing Video Tutorials

Nothing ground breaking, but sometimes I tire of seeing the extreme, over the top, hyper-spectacular imagery and desire for something more simple, subtle and even real. :)

After my workshop clients finished capturing the blazing morning mountain sunrise, we set our attention on the amazing light and foggy, atmospheric conditions for long lens work.


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Among the best and the brightest by BenCoffman

*I teach my in-field and post-processing techniques in workshops; I just announced my 2016 night-sky workshop schedule Check my website for details*

This one’s from an early-morning jaunt to capture this scene at Lost Lake. Recent winds mean there were a lot of trees down in that area, which made the drive up (and even the walk in) take a little longer than normal.

Pictured are the planets Jupiter, Mars, and Venus (from top to bottom, over Mt Hood). The star just below Venus (the brightest object in this photo) is Spica.

Thanks for giving it a look!

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Pristine by JustinPoe

I woke up early one morning to head to Trillium but found myself really hesitant because the lake is just shot so much. Everything’s been done. I laid my head back down but I had a nagging feeling that I was going to regret not going.
The lake was the prettiest I’ve ever seen it. Everything was so pure and there wasn’t a soul around. Like usual of late, I went with the simple shot. Just point, shoot and be thankful for what I was looking at.

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Ive Got A Biggen! by eyeofalens

Ive Got A Biggen!

Trillium under blue sky’s & glorious Mt Hood, with a fisherman looking for his lunch or dinner …his Biggen!

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Lighthood by BogdanVasilic

Spend an afternoon at Trillium lake mostly relaxing after couple of days of rushing and photographing and gave myself a break and took a trip to the lake to enjoy a bit of mountain fresh air. Met some cool photographers, couple old Russian fishermen, talked on my long forgotten Russian language, gave lift to some Indian guy that was ditched from his girlfriends place in Portland to Warm Spring and came back. Its awkward how terrain is so different just 30 miles south of the mountain…

Anyways, this is a single shot with 13mm lens, almost at water level,processed mostly in Lightroom and tad of light bleed in photoshop.
Hope you will like it. Happy Saturday from a snowy Windy city.

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