Bench Lake Early Morning by ErwinBuske

This image is of early morning light just after Sunrise on Mt. Rainier and Bench Lake and is from a weekend photography field trip I led with the Seattle Mountaineers Photography Club. This image is special for me for a variety of reasons including the trout that came to the surface of the water at the same time I took this image! Take notice of the fish ring in the lower mid right section of the image.

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Mt. Rainier Bouquet by ErwinBuske

This image was taken yesterday evening at sunset. The perspective is looking out from flower fields below Sourdough Ridge to Yakima Park, Burroughs Mountain, and Mt. Rainier. This is not the picture I intended to take that evening, but with the fierce winds all along Mt. Freemont and Burroughs, I decided to take cover where there was little wind. I was not disappointed! This is a blend of multiple images for exposure.

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The Sweet Smell of Summer by AaronReedPhotography

The Sweet Smell of Summer – Mt Rainier National Park

If you were planning on taking a late August road trip or booked a workshop to view the wildflowers this year on Rainier, chances are you are going to miss them, unless you are going this week. This is the earliest I have ever seen the flowers and due to a 30% snow pack this year, you are seeing this at the end of June, almost 2 months early. It is HOT around here this week and with nothing but blue sky in the forecast and the flowers up top already past peak, this is your only shot to see them, or to shoot them this year. If you go…bring SERIOUS mosquito repellant. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I got a chance Saturday to run up here with the big dawg Vinny Pickens and we had a good time shooting and hiking waaaay out of the way to see a river/waterfall I have never seen on the mountain before due to the fact it is usually under snow and ice. Good times.

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no second chances by dgadventurespnw

another one from 2011. probably the place I will miss the most when i move, hands down – even though I will visit this place a few times a year even when i move. My wife and I made an agreement. I’ll move so she can go to grad school, and I can visit this majestic land every so often, oh and shoot with my partner in crime, Brian Kibbons

this was taken with my 1Ds, and I so wish I could go back in time. there are a lot of errors i made on this when shooting. Perhaps one day i will get something like this again at Rainier. I used to have the mindset that “eh, I’ll just come back and get another shot sometime”, especially with subjects close to home (waterfalls, beaches, etc). As i have gotten older, i have realized that nothing is promised, ever – especially “tomorrows”. Just live in the moment and enjoy it!

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