Inter Woven by joe_plasmatico

Wonderful weekend and welcome back joining my subway adventures.

I am having a hard time working like a maniac for the last 2 month. So there was little time to attend your work, which will change after new years eve.

This idea for the shot came to me a few days ago, so I organized the clothing and my beloved partner and me did the posing by ourselves. Actually she had to pull the remote, cause I had this full Chewbacca costume on and there was no way to handle the trigger with those gloves.

With all those bad news about unnecessary wars fought in countries, resulting in millions of people abandoning their countries and families seeking peace and a better life, we should remember that we all are the same species, humans.

So it is about time to act like a human being, loving, caring, sharing and lifting us to a new level of understanding.

There is no we or the others, there is only us all together. We all sit in the same boat called Earth and we travel along throughout the galaxy in hope for a much better future.

Stay save, make love, live in peace and you will see, the force will be with you, always.

Merry Christmas time to everybody

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Hello Ween by joe_plasmatico

Hello dear subsoil dwellers and suburban lovers.

Wishing you all a pleasant Halloween times, lot’s of spook, candies and shocking moments.^^

Usually it takes days for a good preparation for this kind of shooting to get everything together, but this one was a spontaneous first try.

I came from an other shooting and had this requisites with me (did the ‘Spring Love’ shooting beforehand).

This selfie I managed to take in only a couple of minutes, sending out my riddle and message before the police was closing in.

Glad I had my orange BMW convertible getaway cart with me and so I could perform the classy trick disappearing into darkness, waiting there patently and making up new plans and surface again pretty soon.

Trick or Treat (°.°)

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Relation Ship by joe_plasmatico

Hello photography aficionados;

I participated in the project One minute on earth from the site kujaja dot com where photographers around the globe should shoot a photo at the same time at 9:10am Greenwich time, so I was lucky to shoot at daytime. (others had to stand up at 3 or 4 in the morning^^)

After one of the hottest summers followed up by an irresistible indian summer the weather has changed to a cloudy and cold autumn time.

Clouds covering the sky, fog everywhere in the early morning and 100% humidity makes a shooting very challenging. Colors are flat, contrasts non existent and everything blurs and fades away.

So I bought this big rainbow umbrella to lighten up the scenery and went to one of my favorite spots, a jetty at the Chiemsee in Upper Bavaria in the town of Chieming.

The multicolored umbrella symbolizes our globe in all it’s facets of different cultures and ethnical diversity.

Remember, we all sit in the same boat, sailing through time and space. Peace love and harmony.

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Energetic Mayhem by joe_plasmatico

Hello my photography lovers;

this was a real spectacular sunset at the river Rhine in Germany, where one of the oldest nuclear plants close to Phillipsburg is still threatening the environment.

It seems so ridiculous, that the power of the river is not used to produce energy, but is used to cool down this time bomb for the the next 50 and more years. (this is the time even when they shut it down immediately, not to mention what to do with this place for the next hundred thousand years.)

So far, keep well and say no to nuclear use in general.

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Cabin Fever by joe_plasmatico

Welcome back photography aficionados.

As a matter of fact, I do shoot landscapes quiet often. I even get up early to travel some 150km to the spot.

That day the weather forecast was promising a fabulous sunrise and so I made a spontaneous trip, having a fantastic weather until I reached the area.

Clouds where hanging low and moving fast and they got stuck over the Karwendel mountains. Just turning to the right the sky was bright blue and the birds and cows where mocking me.^^

I waited there for nearly an hour, made some test shots and went off to an other location where the sun was shining and everything was cool.

Yes, a lot of people have photographed this marvelous place, but not in the middle of a blooming field. Maybe it is because autumn/spring provides the better light conditions.

Enjoy your weekend, I’ll be at the Oktoberfest tomorrow to get a beer.

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Last Call by joe_plasmatico

Hello friends and spectators.

The insanity of humanity will reach Munich the coming weekend, when ‘The Oktoberfest 2015’ will take place and it will bring millions of people together.

So, last call to come over and fight for the last few seats left. Will meet you there.

As an experiment, I am loading up two photos this time (got no time next 2 weeks). The second one is a prosecution of my architecture fine art work. So if you find some time, have a look on it.

Cheers, and many beers (°-°)

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Re Flex (Part 2) by joe_plasmatico

Wishing a wonderful weekend to all of you.

Let me first thank you for your continuos support on this site, it means everything to me.

As I was going through some folders of previous shootings I found this one, featuring my one and only love posing in the same way as a guy I shot 2 years ago (it was a ‘street photography’ at nearly the same spot.

Conditions down there are never easy, as the light is relatively dim, the colors pretty hard to handle and always a lot of public traffic spoiling the scene.

I think the result speaks for itself, but any critics are very much appreciated so I can improve at some point.

Keep smiling guys, regards.

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The Crackernoid by joe_plasmatico

Hello my addicted photography aficionados. (black in black please)

There has been some new changes here, which, for now, affects not everybody, but sure will in further future. Alas, why shocking us and changing everything again every few month, this starts annoying me, and many others. Please feel free to email the administrators and tell them your opinion.

Anyway, in the meantime I will still post some of my current b&w fine art series.

After 10 days of a tremendous heatwave (40+ degrees Celsius) there has been some relief when the weather forecast announced some rain last Tuesday. Well, the cooling rain turned out to be a major thunderstorm with a few tornados kicking in.

On that day I was at the Fraunhofer Institute (e.g. they developed the mp3 files) in Munich to take a couple of shots, when the hell broke loose. This is a two framer (one for the building/pillars, one for the lightning), shot between the pillars of a light installment at the front doors of the building. The camera was placed on the floor because there is no room for a tripod. Aiming has been performed with the flip out monitor and a ND 1.8 + pol filter applied.

Stay save, stay well, stay clean and stay tuned.

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Bond Age by joe_plasmatico

Hello dear photo aficionados. (black background)

To surprise and entertain you again, here I got some rural open air work. Don’t know if the new style of processing meets your taste, well, it’s something I am still working on.

I have been doing some excursions in my backyard (well in the wider area of my backyard^^) and went to the Königssee for some sun and fresh air.

I went to the Obersee to visit a few spots and doing some exposures and was just back in time to get the very last boat.

The jetty was full of people queueing and where pretty angry because I barged to the front to get a few free shots……and of course the best place to sit down^^

Strangely nobody approached me….maybe I was too soaked with sweat and started to smell badly °.°

Keep smiling, keep shining

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See Wee by joe_plasmatico

Hello everybody and welcome back.

I am happy to change the subject and enjoy myself doing some Landscape photography (which I do the most, but with mixed results)

This place and lake is in the south of Munich, some 50 km away, called the Kochelsee, a nice rural area.

I did no long exposure on this because the clouds seemed just right. Or maybe it was the incoming thunderstorm which made me run for cover in the middle of the nowhere to hide^^.

Yeah; I am trying hard in improving that field of photography, and constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

Cheers for dropping by folks, lot’s of love and light.

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