Ruby Falls by GaryRandall

“Ruby (Emerald) Falls” in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

A creative edit prepared for 500px. 😉

For those curious, this is done by doing some channel swapping in Photoshop.

Yayyy!! photoshoop!! I killed the foliage!!

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Flashes of Fall by lmemrick

Early autumn in the Columbia River Gorge.

This trip began with a couple of stumbling blocks. To begin with, I had been nursing an injured foot, which made scrambling for compositions painful. Also, there wasn’t much water on the creeks and falls when we visited. Both of those factors meant having to get creative!

Didn’t come away with much from the trip photographically, but our trip was fun. This shot was one of the highlights.

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Twilight at Elowah by cwexplorationphotography

++check it out in full screen++

I’ve honestly never been that thrilled with my Elowah shots but I think this is definitely one that I’m pretty happy with. This was taken late one spring evening out in the gorge. I literally had the entire area to myself; which is pretty rare these days. Great light conditions are always something we strive for but there’s something to be said for some moody twilight blues. Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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Elowah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, OR

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Behind the Grotto by cwexplorationphotography

Hey everyone! I decided to write an opinion piece on my Website about social media and effect it has on landscape photography as an art and a community I would be curious to hear what you guys think!

I chose this photo because I think it exemplifies several of the points I touched on in the article and serves as a prime example for them. After all who doesn’t love a spring Gorge shot?! Thanks for taking the time to read it! Here’s a behind the scenes look at my buddy Max Foster doing his thing at the Mossy Grotto.

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