Day Dream by BruceHood

Haven’t had much of a chance to get amongst it lately with other life commitments getting in the way of my photography. Luckily ive got 5 days shooting with friends Tim Poulton and Jake Anderson in less than 2 weeks time over in Western Australia. Can’t wait!

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Median by TrentBlomfield

Mungo National Park, NSW, Australia.

After being back to the ‘rat race’ for a week, its slightly depressing. The work that I do is one that is rewarding most of the time. But there is something about getting out and exploring the world that is around us.

Being in the middle of nowhere, a few mates, a slab of beer, and nothing but a few roos and emus playing chicken with the cars. This was a completely cleansing experience of being out in the outback.

Now, to get myself back out there.

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Happy Monday folks.

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Natural Wonder by JayDaley

…and another astro from my recent return to the desert.

This time with inclusion of a bush in my near foreground, which is certainly, a step away from my usual style but something I wanted to try experimenting with.

View large and, as always, thanks for looking!

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Another world by damienhlee

I love wondering around a scene at night looking for somewhere that could be magical. When you find a place its then up to your imagination to bring it to life.

This is in a remote location in the Australian outback where you have nothing but stars, dingos, emus and roos.

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Adrenaline Nightshift by TrentBlomfield

The last weekend was a new experience for myself. I’ve never really stepped into the Australian outback. So I ventured with no real insight into it. I’ve now come to appreciate it. You are miles from anywhere and I did not have a care in the world. Simple things are extremely pleasurable – food, beer, coffee. The lack of communication with the outside world was refreshing. The lack of light pollution was pretty freaking great too. Time to get back out into this great country and explore some more.

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