Bubble Bath Basin, Mono Lake County, California by PatrickMarsonOng

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Foam, foam, and foam! Foam everywhere!! First time in my life to see so much foam. Lol! It has something to do with the lake’s chemical composition plus the wind factor making the entire lake like a foam machine!!

On with the gummy boots, used the foam to my advantage and make the best out of the condition that was given to us. Surely you can’t go wrong with that kind of light, rrrright? Cheers guys! Feel free to share!

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Vermilion Colors of Horseshoe Bend, Arizona by PatrickMarsonOng

A must stop on our IT, the famous Horseshoe bend. Spent a couple of days in Page Arizona for antelope canyon and this iconic location. Horseshoe bend is located along HW89, just few minutes south of Page AZ. Thirty minute walk from the parking lot, a grand and majestic view awaits!

Classic sunburst sunset shot, nailed it! 😉 First time to see so much visitors plus a looooot of photographers with tripods lined up on the edges of the lookout point waiting for the sun to set. Amazing!!

We decided to check this place out again on a sunrise. Strange that we were the only ones there morning. Either this place is not known to be shot on sunrise or everybody’s still enjoying their beauty sleep. lol!

The 25% cloud cover forecast turned into 80% Woooot! So here’s something from that awesome morning, enjoy!

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Morning Spectacle of Kofa Mountain Range, Arizona by PatrickMarsonOng

Really had an awesome time capturing these peculiar cacti backed by the stunning Kofa spires! Must say that one night in this amazing location is not enough. If you’ve checked out my previous dawn shot, I was shooting this when I accidentally brushed up my leg against one of the jumping cholla. I’ll never forget that excruciating pain as I limped towards my comp, felt each of the tiny needles pierced into my skin as I try to finish my exposures. Muscle memory must have kicked in, didn’t know how I managed to pull this off.

You might be wondering why its called jumping cholla? It was named that way because the stems can easily detach from the main plant and attach itself to whatever it was brushed up against. Those needle-like individual spines are made out of sharp scales that makes extraction very very very painful!!!!!! So when you see one, do not touch!! Lol!

Thanks for looking! Cheers!

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Curvy Textures of Antelope Canyon, Arizona by PatrickMarsonOng

Upon seeing tons of amazing photos of this place from fellow hobbyists, Antelope Canyon baecame one of my must see and visit place if I ever get my self to visit the US again.

Located on Navajo land, east of Page Arizona, Antelope has been a top-rated tourist destination for sightseers and photographers. It gets crazy crowded almost all the time. Good thing that the only access to the canyon is via Navajo Nation’s authorized private tour companies. Can’t even imagine the traffic of people visiting if its open to the public.

We had the pleasure of joining AACPT – Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours. Got their awesome two canyon deal, Rattlesnake + Upper Antelope. Four hours of non stop photography guided by Roman, an awesome Navajo local guide! You know that your getting the best possible way around the canyon with an “express vip pass” when you enter from the end of the canyon and hear these words coming from your guide:
“Give way for my photographers”,
“You have to move to the end of the canyon”,
“Make way sir, make way”,
“Sir, stop! My photographers are still shooting”,
“You have 3 minutes to shoot guys, i will hold back the crowd”

Oh and we were also greeted by an amazing 4 minute “hoop” dance by a local before starting the tour! Amazing!!!

If you ask me, I prefer the Rattlesnake canyon more than the Upper Antelope. Maybe because we had the place to ourselves, but the tight curves of the Rattlesnake, where you need to squeeze your self into is like an opening to a whole new world for me. Truly an amazing experience guys. These canyons are must see place before you die. I will definitely be back for those light beams on summer!

Cheers guys! Hope you’re havin a great weekend!

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Gold Hues of Breiðamerkursandur by PatrickMarsonOng

I guess it’s safe to say that there is ice at the end of the rainbow! Agree???? Lol!

The amazing ice beach, a definite must see place when you visit Iceland. Diggin that ice and wave combo all the time. Hope you don’t get tired of seeing it. Have a great week! Cheers guys!

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Breiðamerkursandur Giants of Iceland by PatrickMarsonOng

The famous ice beach or also known as Breiðamerkursandur. Ha! Until now, I still can’t pronounce that properly.

To those of you who are wondering how huge those glacial ice are, here’s a shot taken with a couple of tourists enjoying the sunset view. Huge yeah?

Hope this shows scale as well as depth of this place. Waited for that right wave and fired away! Tsk, should have taken a selfie. Lol! Cheers guys!

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A View From Below by PatrickMarsonOng

*Must view on black, hit M!*

Call me mental but I was wondering how near can one position and shoot below the majestic Goðafoss. Perfect time to explore as the waters were partially frozen during that time. So, down I went sliding over compacted snow, waded through it and as I slowly step on this sheet of ice, I heard a crack! Oops, far enough. Lol!

Took a couple of shots and included some togs on the other side to show scale. Hope you like it! Cheers!

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