Vestrahorn’s Illusion in Stokksness Peninsula, Ice by PatrickMarsonOng

Did some digging as I’m beginning to miss this place. It was year 2012, my first visit in Iceland, Immediately fell in love with it. So here is something to heat up the cold winter now.

If you plan to visit Iceland anytime soon, make sure you include Vestrahorn in your itinerary. Just 5km in from the main road, home to a one of a kind mountain, golden hills, and a reflection to die for! Oh and if you get lucky, might catch it partially frozen! Cheers!

**Best Viewed on black, thanks for looking!**

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Rush at the Cathedral by PatrickMarsonOng

How was your weekend guys? Hope you were able to see or catch something amazing! 😉 This was taken during our last stopover vacation in Australia. Thanks to friends for bringing me here. Weather and swell were near perfect during that time. Timed a couple of wave shots to showcase the beauty of this place. Truly a landscape photog’s playground! Cheers guys!

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Springtime Rush of Lake Tekapo by PatrickMarsonOng

Aha! Dug through some old files and found this taken waaaay back 2012, it was my first visit to New Zealand.

This is a two exposure shot blended together. 100 seconds for the sky and a quick one for the foreground.

It’s gonna be lupine season in a couple of weeks and south island’s gonna be more colorful!! 😉 Wish I could just beam myself there! Amazing, yeah?!

Wishing you all a great week! Cheers!

Oh, accidentally typed an extra 1 on my watermark! Lol!

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