Sunrise on Assiniboine by manuel_secher

I took this shot just before heading back to the parking lot going through wonder Pass. The 30 km return were absolutely gorgeous but long and difficult.

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1+1 by Carlosmacr

I wish i could jump, run and revive the feelings one has when belonging to a team. I love basketball.
Ojalá pudiera saltar y correr como antes. Y revivir las sensaciones que le hacen a uno formar parte de un equipo.

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Dia de Pîcnic. – Caravaca de la Cruz by MiguelAngelSGR

El otoño llega a todos los rincones en estos días. En esta ocasión una imagen del paraje de “Las Fuentes del Marqués” de Caravaca de la Cruz

Caravaca de la Cruz – Murcia – España / Spain.

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Altitude view by Tardigrade8

Unforgettable experience. Just have to do it again some time. In addition of euphoria for conquering a peak it was also cool that I was all alone on the summit because the top is mostly a siege and is usually really crowded.
But there was a minor problem when I climbed the summit of the Breithorn I forgot to grease the sun cream on my face and I got a second degre sunburn on my face, other than that it was unbelievably wonderful.

The Breithorn is a mountain in the Pennine Alps, located close to the Matterhorn. It is considered the most easily climbed 4,000 m Alpine peak.
This is due to the Klein Matterhorn cable car which takes climbers to over 3,820 m (12,700 ft) for a starting point.
The standard route (SSW flank) continues over a glacial plateau before climbing to the summit on a 35 degree snow slope.
However, inexperienced mountaineers may run into severe difficulty if caution is not taken near cornices or in bad weather.
For experienced climbers wanting more of a challenge, the half traverse of the Breithorn crest is another option.

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FALL by MarcoHeisler

Some more artistic work done here to express fall mood, combining darkness, light and autumnal colors.
Hope you like it! Have a great weekend all! 🙂

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