The white Cover of Mývatn by erezmarom

​A beautifully silent winter day in Lake Mývatn. This area looks so much better in winter, it’s truly hard to believe. This image was shot during my ‘Winter Paradise‘ northern Iceland photo workshop earlier this year. If you’d like to experience and shoot some of the world’s most spectacular destinations, check out next year’s photo workshops.
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Sony A7R
Canon 16-35 f/4L IS
Lake Mývatn, North Iceland

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The Electric Roller Coaster by paulweeks

Stumbling around a field of tall grass in Northern Iceland, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the sky. On this night there was no moon in the sky and the solar activity index was a 9/10, the Northern Lights were exploding over my head like nothing I’d ever seen before. Glancing over my shoulder I noticed the field dropping over into an embankment where a little river meandered along. The lights twisted and shot across the sky, and for just a brief moment they lined up perfectly with the bend in the river.

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Sulphur and Steam by seandrum31

Hverarondor Hverir, Myvatn, North West Iceland.

This is an area of high geothermal activity east of Lake Myvatn on Route 1 (the ‘ring road’) and a popular place to stop, but as you would expect the smell of sulphur is very strong here!.

The steam plume in the distance is from the Bjarnarflag Geothermal Power Station

This area has a winning combination for a photographer of the yellow/orange sulphur and the blue grey of the mud pools. Compimentary colours on the ‘colour wheel’!

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Lost in Solitude by DanielHerr

«O Solitude, my sweetest choice…

Places devoted to the night.

Remote from tumult and from noise.

How ye my restless thoughts delight…

O Solitude!

Oh, how I solitude adore!» (Elend/France)

The lonesome tree near lake Myvatn and the lavafield Dimmu Borgir, sleeping deep, dreaming of a new spring. The opposite of the conditions we have right now.

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