Trip into the Light by morganpt

These trees in Deadvlei are so inviting in the morning light! So inviting that it’s worth sleeping in the park overnight in my car, starting the 5am hike to find these hidden salt flats, and overcoming my fear as my headlamp easily spotted animal eyes in the dark and there were cat prints all over the sandy ground. I only wish I left at 5am to catch the stars!!!

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Desert rain by MartinKrajczy

A rain storm in the desert is always something special. It is not happening very often. Sometimes there are years in between two rain showers at the same place in the desert. We drove through this rain storm. When we were ahead of it we stopped on a scenic place where we could look back and already see the next valley with an epidemic stream and a sand storm in it. The light was awesome with the dark black / blue clouds of the rain and the sun breaking through . We came along the small pathway you see in the frame. It is a tough way and you can not drive fast as there are so many rocks and holes that you jump in the car all the way along. There are only a few trees which survive in such a surreal landscape and therefore you do not see too much wildlife animals. But you can experience the forces of mother nature in the best possible way in such regions. You know afterwards who calls the shots.

This shot is taken one day after we had the luck to observe the five musceteers – five young mal lions living in the Namib desert. If you want to get an impression about this landscape just watch the movie about these five lions which the TV station in Austria (ORD2) did show on Tuesday this week. It is available online for another five days (until 12th of October) Just follow this link – an incredible nature documentation.

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