Autumn at Soco Falls by brownfieldj

Getting this shot was quite an experience. The pathway down to the falls took a steep decent and even though they had roping in many places to help you get down to the falls it was very muddy and quite slippery. However, we both managed to make it down without sliding on our butts or dropping our gear and the ascent back up was much easier.

It was nice having the double falls with the creek coming together from two separate branches. This is a great part of western North Carolina between Maggie Valley and Cherokee with an entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway only about 1.5 miles away. Wonderful country!

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Lake Junaluska Stitch by brownfieldj

On our Fall Colors trip to North Carolina a couple of weeks ago we stayed at a rental in this beautiful little community on Lake Junaluska west of Asheville, NC. So many residents were out taking walks on this beautiful Autumn day. This image is a stitch of 3 shots.

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