The Unhappy Days by Felicity_Berkleef95

I had a good day, so I’m not sure why I’m uploading these!
Sometimes I edit photos in both b&w and color and later decide which one I’m gonna upload.
With this photo I didn’t know.
The b&w tells more of a story, but I just love the moody colors on the color version.

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The neighborhood by MarcoGrassi

Apartment blocks in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
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My little house by Carlosmacr
Sometimes it’s not possible to go out for a sunrise. That was the case. The alarm clock didn’t sound that morning (or at least i didn’t hear it :-)) As soon as i looked to the sky i suspected i would regret not having woken up to capture that beautiful sunrise by the sea. So i thought to try something different from the rooftop of the building where i live in order to take some of these beautiful lights in the sky that morning. I really liked what i got.
As i was alone there, playing with the camera and temporizer over the tripod, getting the shot i wanted was somehow more difficult as it may seem, as i didn’t know when the ray of light was passing through the windows (as i wanted to be) while holding the house…. until i realized i could more or less check it with the shadow of the house and sunrays in the wall behind me.
I was very happy with the photo. So much that i felt happy that the alarm clock didn’t sound. q-_-p

Photos are there waiting for us 🙂

Thanks for your visit and wish you all a nice week.


A veces, por diferentes motivos, no consigo despertarme para salir a hacer fotos al amanecer. Aquella mañana fue porque no me sonó el despertador y tan pronto como vi que iba clareando el cielo, me entró rabia de no estar en ese momento junto al mar. En cualquier caso, pensé que no debía desaprovechar la fantástica luz de ese amanecer y subí a la azotea del edificio a probar algo nuevo (al menos para mí :-))
En cuanto a la foto en sí, fue algo más difícil de lo que creo que puede parecer, porque al estar yo solo (cámara y temporizador sobre el trípode), no sabía con exactitud donde colocar la casa para estar seguro de que los rayos entraban por donde quería… hasta que me dí cuenta que podía fijarme en las sombras que se creaban en la pared que tenía detrás de mí.

Al final me acabñé alegrando de que no sonase el despertador :)) Nunca sabe uno donde está la siguiente foto 🙂

Saludos y gracias por vuestra visita. Que tengais todos una buena semana.

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Lake Junaluska Stitch by brownfieldj

On our Fall Colors trip to North Carolina a couple of weeks ago we stayed at a rental in this beautiful little community on Lake Junaluska west of Asheville, NC. So many residents were out taking walks on this beautiful Autumn day. This image is a stitch of 3 shots.

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Good Morning Brooklyn by rbiondophoto

After receiving a tip that Washington street would be closed between 4am and 8am, I had the entire street to myself, no cars no people, just a beautiful bridge and a classic view.


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