Back in time by bverbrugge

A few times a year the windmills at the Unesco world heritage site ‘De Kinderdijk’, are lit up by big lamps. These days it is very crowded with tourists (including me) and photographers (also including me :-). They all come to watch the spectacular view by night of the windmills. Sometimes you have to line up to get the best spot for photography. A funny situation.

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____7:35 am…____ by take4ish

A happy new year! And thanks a lot to whom liked my photos and left kind comments for the last days!

Yes, this is a shot taken 2 minutes before the other capture “7:37 am…” recently posted and a re-edit of the photo with the same name from early 2015. Personally I thought this was my best shot of 2015 and was planning to post it at the end of 2015. But in light of a lot of incoming “like” traffic thanks to the features by 500px editors, I decided to wait a bit. It can also be a good start for 2016.

Thanks again and cheers!


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