Sunset over Talimena Scenic Byway by pensrud

Drove up to Oklahoma over the weekend to hopefully capture the fall colors. What started in storms and a sketchy five hour drive turned into a weekend of rain, and weather. But, there were a few gaps in the weather and I kept my camera and fishing pole at the ready. When not capturing what colors and scenes I could I was catching bass and large rainbow trout.

Was a lovely time. Any time I can get out and see kingfishers flying by, among other birds, wild boar walking by, and catch some fish, all the while jumping, slipping, crawling, falling my way from rock to rock and fishing hole to fishing hole, is a great weekend. Wish I had more opportunities to capture some images, but it wasn’t meant to be. Was a weekend of memories as opposed to a weekend of keepers.

Cheers from Texas.

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Alone Under Clouds by pensrud

Another from the gorgeous sunset last night.

For this one, you can see the clouds just got better and better. I was so glad I had my Singh-Ray filter with me in that it let me really expose for the sky while illuminating the foreground. Used another .6 LEE soft ND grad and a .6 hard as well. Was it a pain playing with the filters from image to image, pano to pano, horizontal to landscape, back to horizontal and back again…so on and so on…sure. But I enjoy it, and have gotten used to it. Not going to get into the filter vs bracketing debate. I am a filter guy that focus stacks and brackets as well. “Show me the Focus stacked, bracketed, 15 image wide, three row high pano. :/

This is not that beast. Just a 5 image, focus stacked blend. Hope you like it.

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