Chittaway Bay by jarrodcastaing

Happy 2016 everyone! A new dawn over Chittaway Bay, Central Coast, Australia

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© Jarrod Castaing Landscape Photography

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Winterless by eyeofalens

Seeing as there has been bugger all snow in the far south of Sweden this Winter thus far, I give you one from last winter from within Bokskogen.
No trolls to be found, maybe after a few of gods nectar, there’s a thought, a midnight run out here searching for them, bound to see all sorts of things with a few Guinness running through the veins 🙂

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God bless you! by RicardS

The eve of the New Year’s night, a small donation to help an elderly lady on the sidewalk, met by a “God Bless you Sir!”.

[The Greek crisis has seen creditors pushing for reductions in the national pension system, driving many elderly out on the street to beg for a few meager coins to top-up the one or two hundred Euros pension per month; a sum that cannot possibly cover even the basic cost of living in the major city] 11:48

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