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Had A Nice Sunset 4 this One And Wow i have Not posted on this site in a While i took a long break from posting on here to come back and see so much has changed on 500px I see they took a way some key features or maybe i dont see them like the Trending profiles witch i thought was super Cool but i guess i will be posting more Now…..

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sanny by jeannoir

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS – brasil – august | los angeles, dallas, tucson & norderney- september | berlin & oldenburg – october | miami – november | capetown – december – februrary | sydney – february 16 | lima – july 16

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Fifty Shades of New York City by radovan77

New York City – classic view of Lower Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge Park

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Jane’s Winter Carousel by Marcel_Zizkat

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This is a repostprocessed image of my favorit New York shot I made this Winter.
Sharpend for a1920pixel Monitor.

About the Picture:
New York knocked me down… got kind of a vey short abdominal influenza… was staying in the hotel for 1 day and sleeping, sleeping, sleeping…. it helped. 🙂

After the snow today and some very nice snowscenes near the Times Square I decided to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park and around in order to catch a kind of special sunset in the snow…
Was not exactly what I expected.

This time i took my 17-70mm lens…
Had lots of problems by getting the right hyperfocal distance… dont know why. Actually I think something is not working right. Have to find out exactly what.
Dont have that problem with my lovely 10-20mm lens. 🙂
So trying and trying. 🙂

Feel free to comment.
thx for watching. Hope you enjoy at least some of my pictures.

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