A Perfect Night by WaynePinkston

A Perfect Night for Photography in the Valley of Dreams East, In the New Mexico Badlands. There was a lot of airglow in one area of the sky, adding a lot of color. You can see how bizarre the landscape is, a very alien and otherworldly place.

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Arabian Nights by StergosSkulukas

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A view to a dream by BenCoffman

Matt Newman and I did a little exploring on the southern Oregon coast this fall, and we wound up back at this well-photographed location. The skies along this section of coast are surprisingly dark, and these little coves especially are difficult to photograph–the shadows just become impenetrably thick. This one took a little more work in post-processing than many of my night shots to draw out a bit of shadow detail.

I’ve announced my 2016 workshops. If you’re interested in photographing Crater Lake under its starry skies, and you want to learn my in-field and post-processing methods, consider joining me this summer: http://ift.tt/22azSm2

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Myth of Night by Dustin_Wong_Photography

–The Shot–
The aurora dances in the sky at a lake in Lofoten, Norway.

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I took this shot back in March on a workshop/tour with Arild Heitmann & Ryan Dyar. It was a blast. We had really nice conditions at night and saw aurora around 5 or 6 times in a 10 day trip. This spot involved hiking up a icy trail that led to this lake surrounded by rugged mountain tops. The group split in two, some shooting from a ridge, while others, including myself, went down to the water’s edge.

I’m excited to announce I have partnered with Joseph Rossbach and his Adventures in Light team to offer a week long workshop along the Oregon Coast. If you enjoy seascapes, big sand beaches and rugged cliffs, this would be a great trip for you. Learn more here.

This shot may look familiar if you have seen Ryan Dyar’s phenomenal shot, “Constellar“. This was taken at the same time but from the lower perspective (Ryan was on the ridge). I was really blown away by the way he had processed the scene. The direction he took was so different than how I would have approached it. I took the opportunity to discover how to get a result like his and in the process learned a lot. Ryan, if you are reading this, I hope you don’t mind the imitation game I played here (I think yours is way better btw). I’m grateful for you answering all my badgering, non-stop questions while on the trip!

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Geminids arriving by CludesTomato

A new processing dedicated to the last meteor shower 13th/14th of December 2015.

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Panorámica en las Barrancas de Burujón by Ivanferu

Fotografía panorámica a partir de 8/10 tomas verticales con una fuji X-t1 y un samyan 12mm f2

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