Portland Head Light by KiritPrajapati

Portland Head Light is an historic lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The light station sits on a head of land at the entrance of the primary shipping channel into Portland Harbor, which is within Casco Bay in the Gulf of Maine

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Beauty Dressed in Green: Blue Cheeked Bee-eater by RiazSiddiki

Blue Cheeked Bee-eaters are not very common in our region – but this season I spent more time with Blue-Cheeked Bee-eaters, than Green Bee-eaters and Blue-Tailed Bee-eaters………….I must say that every minute spent in the colony had something magical about it………….

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Brown-Fronted Woodpecker by RiazSiddiki

This beauty goes on with its business (seemingly) oblivious of presence of three shooters spending hundreds of shutters on its each move ☺

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Phantom by ScottMcCook

Hey Guys,

Now i’m back here in Perth and finished work for the year it’s a good time to slightly tweak or Mod images from NZ I did on the road, this is one from the Church of The Good Shepherd, I’m sure it needs no introduction 🙂


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Monochrome Mirror by AttilioRuffo

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