One Thousand Strands by Mel_Sinclair

One thousand (or more) strands of bamboo shoot from the moist earth. Skywards they tower, blowing and swaying in the breeze. It is a path of true peace, beyond the world, to another.

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Strokkur by AndreasJones

Strokkur gushing in the morning light.
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Beneath The Black And Purple by tpoulton001

It’s amazing how we have boogey locations that always fail us with conditions and locations that always produce the most epic light. Mount Cook in New Zealand is notorious for bad weather and so many people walk away with nothing. I’m blessed with the most amazing luck and have amassed a fine collection of images from the highest peak in New Zealand, all you have to do is search Mount Cook on 500px you’ll find some of that luck. Yesterdays sunset and astro was no exception, with light wispy clouds, all purple and red and the way the light captured the peak, took my breath away. Conditions were perfect with only a light wind and the temperature was a comfortable 10°, plenty of Steinlarger to get us through the night and only the wildlife to keep us company.

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The way to paradise by tucucumba

Green Machine by tpoulton001

Captured on the final sunrise of our epic 12 day photography workshop for OOAK with Sarah Hatton from Iso100 Photography at the amazing Moeraki Boulders New Zealand

I’ll be honest, when NiSi Filters first contacted me, I wasn’t entirely certain who these guys were, as I’d never heard of anyone using a filter by that name. I’ve been a faithful Lee Filter user for well over 6 years – it was going to take a lot for me to change!

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NiSi Filter Review

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