Eltz castle by MaxConradPhotography

The famous medieval castle sits hidden in the hills above the valley of the river Mosel. On that particular morning the scenery was very special and spooky as the fog just reached up to the castle with the sun glaring through, also we were the only people around at that time. Usually I don’t post more than photo in a row of a certain subject but this one is hard not to show, what do you think?

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The gloomy stronghold by MaxConradPhotography

I wish you all a happy new year with this photo from yesterday morning at a wonderful place I have been for the first time…and somehow with the perfect lighting.

See you in 2016 🙂

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Boxing day by Andre_Villeneuve

Don’t look for the fine pixel
Just field the bang !! 😉

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Boxing day by Andre_Villeneuve

Don’t look for the fine pixel
Just field the bang !! 😉

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Before the snowstorm by MaxConradPhotography

A cold and snowy morning almost one year ago in the black forest. Only a few minutes after taking this photo a bad snowstorm arrived at the mountain top which reduced the visibility to a few meters – the scenery changed from peaceful morning silence to arctic hell within a few minutes. That was an awesome experience.
Meanwhile in southern germany we are still waiting for the winter to arrive having temperatures of about 15°C and getting ready for some barbecue on christmas 😉

Happy holidays all 🙂

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Toblino at Sunset. by MattiaBonavida

A small italian lake, located in northern Italy, It’s an awesome location and at sunset and sunrise the place get a magic atmosphere!

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North Creek Falls by matt-anderson

North creek falls, located on the hike to the “Subway” @ Zion National Park, Utah. A small water cascade flowing over the red sandstone. A grueling hike, but well worth it.

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