Golden Gate Swirl by MaxFoster

“Golden Gate Swirl” – San Francisco, CA

This was the first shot I took in San Francisco, after running about 1/2 mile to get here before all the good light was gone. Nothing super original, but the evening colors were pretty nice.

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Endless by jaychong


** ok uploaded the wrong file the first time **

First time up at Russian Ridge with the #escaype crew #blueraspberry. The sunset colors were pretty good near the horizon where the sea of fog is and it did light up the clouds above us. The challenge was in the grass. Every time I looked at the raw file, I had difficulty with the grass as it seemed so bland. This file sat for more than a month when I decided to finally give it a go for processing. I found some inspiration from the movie “Gladiator” when the general was walking through the fields of wheat. So I knew then how I wanted to process the grass and the look I was after.

Techy info: This is a 3 shot focus stack. 2 for the foreground and 1 for the back. Blended the sky for dynamic range with 1 more. Shot with Canon 5D MK II /w Samyang 14. Processed with Adobe CC /W TK Actions.

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