Colors of fall by Fredrik-Meling

This photo is originally taken in Lofoten, Norway. The sky is from another picture and i tried to put it in there, however I was not able to get the smooth edges i was looking for. I’m trying to learn photoshop , so if you have any tips to what could be better please let me know. If you have a great youtube tutorial for smooth edges please let me know.

Lofoten is an amazing place in norway, during all seasons. It’s fairly easy to get around up there. An amazing place for photography

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Arctic Mirror by lolloriva

To be honest just before Christmas I wanted to post a wintry picture from my country (I still have many to process …) but unfortunately in the last weeks I had a computer crash and once fixed I’ve been very busy on doing other things that needed to be ready for Christmas so I finally ended up to this classic view of wonderful Reine village taken this summer in an incredibly still night that I already processed some time ago. I hope you like it anyway and I wish to all of you Merry Christmas and thank everyone for the invaluable support you gave me throughout the past year.

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b u r s t | senja, norway by elmofoto

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This night we were five guys in two cars with one simple mission: get as many aurora photos as possible. Of course, when you find a great spot like this placid little fjord, you never want to leave. But the great thing about Senja is that every corner you turn leads you to another, equally beautiful little fjord. I think after all was said and done we ended up stopping in eight different spots. It was a good night.

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Myth of Night by Dustin_Wong_Photography

–The Shot–
The aurora dances in the sky at a lake in Lofoten, Norway.

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I took this shot back in March on a workshop/tour with Arild Heitmann & Ryan Dyar. It was a blast. We had really nice conditions at night and saw aurora around 5 or 6 times in a 10 day trip. This spot involved hiking up a icy trail that led to this lake surrounded by rugged mountain tops. The group split in two, some shooting from a ridge, while others, including myself, went down to the water’s edge.

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This shot may look familiar if you have seen Ryan Dyar’s phenomenal shot, “Constellar“. This was taken at the same time but from the lower perspective (Ryan was on the ridge). I was really blown away by the way he had processed the scene. The direction he took was so different than how I would have approached it. I took the opportunity to discover how to get a result like his and in the process learned a lot. Ryan, if you are reading this, I hope you don’t mind the imitation game I played here (I think yours is way better btw). I’m grateful for you answering all my badgering, non-stop questions while on the trip!

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