Lago Diablo by cwexplorationphotography

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This is an image that I took back in 2013 with my MKii but never got around to reworking for various reasons. This was taken up at Diablo Lake at sunset high up in the North Cascades. It’s a panoramic image consisting of nearly 100 photos, yep that’s right 100! I shot them with about 70% overlap so I would venture to guess that 50 or 60 of them actually went into stitching this one together. In any case this photo is HUGE. When I first shot/processed this one I didn’t even use photoshop the way I use it today so the scene was in no way what I saw and the stitching was off in some places. This one is completely reworked from top to bottom. The splashes of yellow you see in the darker areas are actually maples and larches showing off their fall color as this was taken in October. This was a complete nightmare in post because I didn’t really know about bracketing etc a few years back. Hints why the sky is a bit blown out in areas but in any case this is still one of my favorite images for me personally. Thanks for having a look!

Diablo Lake, North Cascades, WA

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On the Arm by BryanSwan

Overlooking the rugged peaks of North Cascades National Park from the high camp area along Sahale Arm near Cascade Pass. Always a classic (if demanding) hike during wildflower season, but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to get up there this year before the flowers got baked to death. The recent heat wave in the Pacific Northwest has not exactly inspired a lot of motivation to haul myself several thousand feet up a mountain, so I’ve been reprocessing a few older shots – this one is from two years ago. Fortunately I should get my first extended fix of the high country this coming weekend…hopefully the weather decides to cooperate for once.

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A Cascade Jewel by JeremyDuncan

Most images of this side of Shuksan are shot from the shore of Lake Ann but since the Heather was in full bloom I decided on a different vantage point near the Fishers Chimney’s climbers trail. The plan was to shoot sunset and hike out in the dark but the clouds quickly dispersed right before sunset (probably because they knew I was there). I was rather blown away by the amount of flowers already in bloom and the severe lack of snow on a lake that typically has snow and ice on it into late summer if not year round.

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