Less is more by Tannerstedt

This night something was wrong with the castle. Normally you see the castle from several kilometers when it is illuminated by 1000000…W. But not this night then it was completely blackened I almost missed the turn :P. It was only illuminated by nearby buildings and the city and for the first time it was photograph friendly.

A faint Aurora was also playing on the sky over the city to the right

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Yellow cottage & the Northern Lights by DagurJonsson

Last Saturday night we had some aurora activities hovering over my parent’s summerhouse in Skagafjörður, located in the northwestern part of Iceland. I woke up around 02:00 AM and got some dark shots of the scenery. Hope you like this shot.

Please view the image also on a black background!

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via 500px http://ift.tt/1NHdwSj