Sydney’s Spectacular Sails at Sunrise by patch

Early morning watching the sunrise behind the Sydney Opera House. Was there for one night only so was lucky to get a good start to the day.

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Solitude by TrentBlomfield

South Ramshead, NSW.

Revisiting spots is all to frequent. I had yet to venture here again since a trip in May when the place was frozen solid. This time, the tarns were free from ice and we had this place to ourselves – being able to roam freely.

I’m getting to the point where this is a much better way to spend a Saturday evening – camping on the side of a mountain away from the rat race. Its a bit of solitude from the every day grind. And I can’t wait to get some more of that.

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Whale Flukes by intrepidphotos

Humpback Whale tail fin or flukes in blue water offshore from the coast of Port Stephens. If you look closly you can see the fine bits of spray from the flukes. NSW, Australia.
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Rush at the Cathedral by PatrickMarsonOng

How was your weekend guys? Hope you were able to see or catch something amazing! 😉 This was taken during our last stopover vacation in Australia. Thanks to friends for bringing me here. Weather and swell were near perfect during that time. Timed a couple of wave shots to showcase the beauty of this place. Truly a landscape photog’s playground! Cheers guys!

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