Wrapped X by bruno-birkhofer

One more of a Nude Art shoot with Rubia this summer. This shooting was just magic. Rubia did such a great job this day. We had lots of really good Pics in a short time.
I sometimes just realize how much i can rely on good Models 🙂

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Dreamland by bruno-birkhofer

One more of an older Series i made in summer 2013. I have so many Pics of this series and i just love it, thats why i have to post one more. Hope it is not getting boring…
Thanks to Johanna for a great Job in cold and rainy weather conditions.. Somehow i always have the bad luck with the weather but to see it positive, i don’t have to fight with harsh sunlight 😉


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Blue Lagoon II by bruno-birkhofer

Another shot of Rubia in South of Switzerland last Summer. Rubia was set into Light of a golden Reflector. So i could move the White Balance to more Blue to get Rubia back in a natural Skin Color and gibe the Background a more blue tone…

Thanks to Rubia

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It’s all about the light … by demopilot

Another available light shot … this time with the fantastic Olga … and in my favourite style … a dark black and white … 😉

Best viewed in full screen mode …
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