Obersee by dfphoto1

Der Obersee an einem wunderschönen Tag im Oktober.
Allen einen schönen Start in die neue Woche 🙂

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Boathouse on the Obersee by brianfulda

I had no idea this vista even existed when i got there. My dad and I decided to take a 13 euro boat ride across the Konigsee, which is a lake in the south of Germany. It was raining hard all day, and I was only wearing the new sneakers I had with me.

After arriving on the other side of the lake, we hiked a little further to the Obersee. There was nobody but us there and a few free range cows. It was surreal to stumble upon a place as beautiful as this without knowing it was there. I ruined my pair of sneakers with all the mud, but this photograph alone was so worth it.

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Dolce Cabana (Part 2) by joe_plasmatico

Wonderful weekend everybody.

Don’t run away, it’s still me^^

Having done a lot b&w work lately I had to handle some more colorful theme.

Some of you might have seen my earlier work from the same place done years ago. Now with the ultra wide lens it is much more comfortable to get everything into the frame.

This place is nearly as crowded as the Castle Neuschwanstein, hundreds of thousands tourists visit this picturesque place to take a walk, eat typical bavarian food and drinking a mug of beer… or two.

If you don’t mind, I will let you see some more of the places I use to hangout.

Just chill friends.

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