Queen of the Allgäu Alps by TobiasRichter

The Höfats – The Queen of the Allgäu Alps in southern Bavaria is one of the prettiest peaks in Germany and I was really impressed to catch it in this great light.
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Engeratsgundsee by der-rheinlaender

Im Nebelhorn-/Daumengebiet liegt er, dieser wunderschöne und beachtlich große Bergsee (1876 m hoch), der über das Hintersteiner Tal zu erreichen ist.

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Rappensee Sunset by mibreit

I took this photo two years ago on a wonderfull tour to the Rappensee lake in the german alps near Oberstdorf. We were really lucky with the weather that day since the days before there was some heavy rainfall and we weren’t sure, if it would clear at all.

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The green Queen by StefanHefele

“The green Queen” – Höfats – Germany

Beauty is not always easy to achieve. So we are doing many things in life. To reach this viewpoint a long march with thousand of vertical metres was necessary. However, the sweat and the effort evaporates when such a photo is in the box.
The Höfats presents itself like a queen in the blazing early evening light on a warm summer day. Full of devotion the wildflowers seem to bow before their beauty. What a paradise of an idyll.

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