Incredible Tuscany by tchebotarev

I was so lucky to visit Tuscany, Italy for the first time in my life last week. It’s a small province, full of incredible landscapes. It can be so ever-changing, from dull rain-covered to glowing with incredible colours, and I was lucky to experience it in a few of these states. This is the place where a lot of Renaissance-era art was created, and it’s quite easy to see why!

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Bombo Beauty by Linz550

You cannot beat Bombo for sheer spectacle. For me it’s more luck than skill in picking what morning to travel to it.

Morning was meant to be clear skies but clouds showed up and gave us this beautiful magenta morning.

Met up with Warren Patten a real gentleman (I used ACR gradient tool here mate!) and old mate Mario who happened to link up with me this weekend.

Also connected with Daniel Tran who has an amazing 500px landscape portfolio.

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