Surfer’s Dream by Jan_Geerk

A real huge Wave of Fog came down the Jura Mountains.
Imagine to surf on it! 🙂

Coming on January 2016
Finest Fog Timelapses from all over Switzerland
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Silhouette pagoda on sunrise time in morning and balloon at Baga by mountain

Silhouette pagoda on sunrise time in morning and balloon at Bagan, Myanmar

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Sea of Ringol by StefanHefele

“Sea of Ringol” – Scotland

I hope you can enjoy this moment like I did while capturing it.

For those that knew Jeff Swanson (I never had the opportunity to meet him in person) either personally or online knows he always brought joy and laughter to all of us. He was unfortunately taken too soon by Melanoma about a year ago, but his images live on and if you happen to enjoy his images please do purchase one of his prints. All proceeds from his website will go to the Melanoma Research Foundation.

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Scottish Paradise by StefanHefele

“Scottish Paradise”

This is what Scotland is all about. Green lovely hills mixed with rough landscape. Bathed in the first light of a wonderful morning I briefly felt connected to paradise.

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The Old Fortress by StefanHefele

“The Old Fortress” – The famous Man of Storr – Scotland
The energy this place is emitting is unreal. Full of Fantasy, Imagination and untold Stories…
As a full time landscape photographer I also need to visit some of the famous locations out there. I already have been here four years ago and was looking for a totally different story now. This 40cm puddle suited perfect for my plans. With some panorama and focus stitching I was able to catch the very close foreground mirror in an ultrawide-scape close to 180°.


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