. : the watchman : . by Martin-Pfister

This is a shot from last year from a short trip to my near mountains. The position was the area between fog and clear sky and the sun lightend the thin fog line in a beautiful way… and the old tree seems like a watchman over the situation…

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My “Angel” by by_shan

This angel oak image seems to be a popular one, I only released it here in the early days and found it made its way to many Internet places…. Guess it is a fair game when something gets uploaded to the Internet -:). Here is another version with few small twists, regardless where it goes, this is always my “angel”!

Thank you for viewing and hope you enjoy. Leave me a comment or two so I can get back to you, your works are great inspirations to me, my dear friends! and happy holidays!

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“Silent Wings…” by econandre

“in that field there is this unique tree and several flowers below .. !!! I wanted to do something special and decided to do a shooting in infrared ….
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Tree Monster. by BrianAdelberg

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Please View on Black to see the shadow detail.

Here’s a unique shot of the old tree at Crater Lake, OR. It was my first time there so I had to give the tree a go. Shortly after this was taken a storm from hell blew in. I feel lucky to have gotten something while visiting this place for such a short time.

The shot consisits of 8 shots for DOF and one for the Moonstar.

Hope you enjoy! As always thanks for the kind words and support. Have a great day!

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