Dipping in Colors by janneka

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This is the mighty Olstinden that is the landmark of Reine in Lofoten islands. This mountain has many faces as it can be photographed from several angles around Reine and it appears in most of my images from Lofoten.

I used a bunch of filters here, the Little Stopper to smooth the water, gradual ND to darken the sky and a circular polarizer to get the emerald colors of the bottom to show. I thought this created a nice color shift from green to warmer tones in the horizon.

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Rustic Rorbuers by janneka

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The old fishermen’s cabins (rorbuers) of Sakrisoya with Reinebringen mountains in the background. The color in the water was extremely clear with nice turquoise colors and the color scale of my Lee Big Stopper just enhanced this and gave a mystic feeling to this. So I may have gotten carried away and exaggerated the color works to some but I wanted to play around and create a dreamy feel to it.

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Northern Caribbean by janneka

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Continuing my series on Lofoten panoramas. This was an unexpected view that felt very surreal as the water was so clear and the shallow waters made everything look incredibly green/turquoise. Believe it or not that is the actual color that has not been enhanced in any particular way (except the standard editing of course). Still some material left from my Lofoten trip but sad to realize that they won’t last forever..

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Bathed in Color by janneka

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This is a panorama of three horizontal shots, all exposure blended to deal with the strong backlighting. The turquoise water in the foreground looked stunning agains the intense sunset and created a nice color palette

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