OLSTINDEN AND A BOAT by johnnymyrenghenriksen


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Admiring the Show by janneka

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A panoramic self portrait taken from my favorite spot in Lofoten islands with Kjerkfjorden on the left and triangle-shaped mount Olstinden in the center. I took this with the camera’s inbuilt 10s timer so I was in a rush to run into the frame as the rocks were quite slippery after an intense downpour about one hour earlier.

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Like Daggers by RyanDyar

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Northern Lights Finale – With Arild Heitmann
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Blind luck allowed me to stumble upon this little composition in the dark one night. I saw it out of the corner of my eye as my head torch skimmed across this tiny little pool (about 8 inches across) that happened to mirror Olstinden in the background. Just goes to show you, even half-wits like myself can make a decent image every now and then just based on odds!

Really, Norway’s Lofoten Islands have become one of my favorite places I have ever been. Arild Heitmann and I have another big tour available for next March where we will be shooting the crazy mountains of the Lofoten Islands with light and aurora, and hopefully with a little snow. It will fill fast, so check it out soon!

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MIRRORED OLSTINDEN by johnnymyrenghenriksen

Here is a mirrored shot of Olstinden in Lofoten 🙂
Thanks for looking 🙂

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Dipping in Colors by janneka

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This is the mighty Olstinden that is the landmark of Reine in Lofoten islands. This mountain has many faces as it can be photographed from several angles around Reine and it appears in most of my images from Lofoten.

I used a bunch of filters here, the Little Stopper to smooth the water, gradual ND to darken the sky and a circular polarizer to get the emerald colors of the bottom to show. I thought this created a nice color shift from green to warmer tones in the horizon.

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