Olympic National Park by miketlim

Visiting the rain forest in Olympic National Park was a truly unique and amazing experience. Walking on the trail, you instantly felt transported to another world. The lush vegetation is truly a sight to behold.

Edited with Adobe Lightroom 6 and Photoshop CC 2015.

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Northwest Light by MCastro17

I spent sometime in Olympic National Park last spring while travelling through the Pacific Northwest and was lucky enough to catch a few days with some beautiful light. Between the amazing coast and the rain forest this place is photographer’s paradise. Since I had lost my camera on a wave accident the day before I shot this, I had to borrow a camera to capture this amazing light. Thanks Alex Noriega for letting me use his camera to capture it. Luckily there was enough light for everyone!

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Light Falls by Kyraly

Last light at Rialto Beach on the Olympic Coast Waves were flowing through the depression in the rock creating a waterfall effect. We had 5 days on the coast in the Pacific Northwest a few weeks ago and had great light 4 of the 5 days.

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Second Beach Sunset by phillips_chip

Here is an image shot at Second Beach in Olympic National Park, Washington State. I spend 6 weeks camping with my wife and little guy who is 15 months old now. He was great on our adventures-slept like a champ every night. Fun times!
Many techniques used on this image are demonstrated in my editing videos: Image Editing Volume 1

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OLYMPIC IN FLAMES by Light_pilgrim

PLEASE view on black.

This is the re-edited version of the image that I have posted earlier. As with any form of art, your perception of it is changing and you grow in understanding of some small details that make a difference.

Artistically, I wanted to focus on 3-dimentionality of the image and I wanted to use all tools available: composition, colours, light and shadows, etc.

The final outcome is highlighting a flaming sunset and a very interesting form of clouds that are bending over the sea stack.

Photography is my hobby, I do not do it commercially, but it doesn’t mean I do not do it with all my heart:-)

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Energy Fade by JohanEickmeyer

Make sure to click for a view on black. 🙂

This image was taken during sunrise out at the Olympic National Park. I liked how the Sun was to my back, but the reflection of color from this cloud created a scene where light was coming from both directions. I was hoping to capture that feeling you get on your feet and legs when large waves come crashing in and create that faded energy feel as they drift up the gradual sandy beach.

Thanks for looking!

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