Flection by TedGore

Here is a shot that is a bit experimental, but ultimately I find it successful. Positioning the lens of my camera literally less than an inch off the surface of the water allowed me to capture a unique view up the Oneonta Gorge, that may not quite make sense upon first glance. What you are seeing is a disturbance in the water flow over rocks just millimeters under the waters surface, causing the reflection to bend back, contradicting the natural shape of the canyon walls. Your first impression may be that it was warped this way, but I promise, no warping was done here. Trying to capture an image this close to the foreground caused all sorts of problems from an impossible focus stack(the FG is not completely in focus), to water on the lens which eventually fogged up the interior element, making getting a clean exposure almost impossible(massive glow/flare around the light). This was the best I could manage with the situation, and it’s not an ideal result, but I wanted to follow through with it because I think it’s a pretty dang interesting and unique composition. Possibly the most difficult blend I’ve ever put together consisting of multiple focus points, several shots for dynamic range, and select exposures for the best reflections. In the end I had a total of about 25 layers for JUST blending! Difficult undertaking.

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Lost world by sabbir-photography

The amazing Oneonta Gorge in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

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