Point me to the stars by guptaarjun

Another shot from my recent trip to Oregon taken at Bandon Beach.

This was taken about 2 hours after high tide and sunset. I found these nice leading lines in the sand caused as a result of the receding tide. The lines, along with the famous Bandon rock inspired the title of the image.

This image is a blend of 2 exposures, one for the foreground and one for the stars. There’s plenty of light that illuminates the rock faces from the various houses on the Bandon Beach Loop Dr.

Please view on black and thank you for your views and comments.

*This is a reupload as I heard there was some outage on 500px last night after I had uploaded the image. Thanks to Thomas for the information.

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Hidden Jewel by MaxFoster

“Hidden Jewel” – Columbia River Gorge, OR

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Here is a shot from the Mossy Grotto in the Columbia River Gorge. Chris was behind me getting his killer shot Weeping Grotto, if you haven’t seen it check it out. Definitely one of the coolest shots from this location.

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Chaos at the sea by PDidsayabutra

Samuel Boardman State Park, Oregon. This shot is a reprocess from a trip last year at a location which is probably not for anyone who is fear of heights. Due to steep drop to the ocean on 3 directions (left, right, and front), it is simply a sketchy location with predictable results from falling (yike). However, the end results are really rewarding 🙂

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Tree of Light by NhtPhm

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I’ve seen a lot of beautiful photos of this tree here on 500px, so I also wanted to take one for myself! So, this was taken on my trip to attend my cousin’s wedding. We stopped by there about an hour. I didn’t expect to have a beautiful photo, but I’m happy with this shot. I love the light here. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day/night everyone! 🙂

Photographed by: Nhut Pham
Location: Portland, OR

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Dominance by MaxFoster

“Dominance” – Mt. Hood, OR

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After shooting a ton of waterfalls over a couple days in May, I wanted a change of pace. The weather looked like it was breaking around Mt. Hood, so I headed down to Trillium Lake. I’d never been there, and when I parked and saw the mountain breaking through the clouds, I rushed to the nearest open shoreline. There was a line up at the south shore where most people shoot, so I decided to stay over by the point. The low clouds were moving at an incredible pace, and I shot several long exposures to highlight this movement. The light on the mountain was intense and accentuated all the beautiful features of the south face, so I used my tele to capture all the details. Sunset ended up being rather muted, so I packed up and headed back to the gorge, but it was well worth the trip down!

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