Breaking Bandon by erintoliephotography

It has been far too long since I have posted something online, much less had the time to photograph anything at all. The reason being, I recently bought a new RV and have decided to head south and explore my options. I’m currently taking some time in Bandon. It is so cool to just roll outta bed, grab my gear and 5 minutes later be down amongst the sea stacks here.

This is the first time I have photographed anything in over a month. It took me a bit to get back into the swing of things. Plus it was 31 degrees this morning and I had run outta propane (heat) the evening before. I was not looking to get wet so I took the safe route and perched up on some rocks. Anyways, it is so good to get back out there doing what I love to do most. Thanks for taking the time to check out my shot 🙂

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A view to a dream by BenCoffman

Matt Newman and I did a little exploring on the southern Oregon coast this fall, and we wound up back at this well-photographed location. The skies along this section of coast are surprisingly dark, and these little coves especially are difficult to photograph–the shadows just become impenetrably thick. This one took a little more work in post-processing than many of my night shots to draw out a bit of shadow detail.

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Thanks for checking out the photo!

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Rise and Shine by cwexplorationphotography

I originally had this one edited in color but the color palette just wasn’t doing the image any justice so I decided to switch it up to more of a monochrome look. This isn’t a traditional monochrome image as there are several different shades and hues going on in this one. I tried to get as much DR out of the look as possible. It was taken on the overlook on HWY 101 that looks out over Heceta Head Lighthouse in Oregon. This was taken just after sunrise. Hope you enjoy it!

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Heceta Beach, OR

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Sunset at Bandon Beach by sdhrt

I found the juxtaposition of the backlit rocks and waves amazing. I set up the shot to catch just a bit of the sun to form the star burst. It was a five shot bracketed set that was blended to form this shot.

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Sunrise Surprise by ErinToliePhotography

I was out this morning collecting driftwood for a new project. I had zero expectations of photographing anything since the skies were pretty much clear heading out and it was low tide. But just after sunrise, some newly formed clouds to the south lit up. I always bring my camera just in case and I was able to get in a few nice shots spur of the moment. And bonus, I didn’t get hit with a single wave for once 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to view!

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Between the Storms – 2 by ErinToliePhotography

Cape Kiwanda – Pacific City, Oregon.

This was shot the same morning as my previous upload, only about 45 minutes later. Every time I went to pack up my gear the skies would start to change dramatically and I’d unpack and set up again. I got so many different variations of this spot that morning.

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Fall, Falls.. Falling by ErinToliePhotography

It’s fall. These are some falls. And I got to them by falling. This may not be my best from this day. But it is the first shot of many I have decided to process. Because the result of this image is what is on my mind constantly. And it’s on my mind because I am still in so much pain.

Wearing my new vegan hiking boots (AKA: “useless for hiking” boots) I carefully tried to get down the slippery boulder to get to this spot, I not only slid, I did almost like one of those cartoon-ish episodes where one slips on a banana. Then I landed shoulder and elbow first onto the rock. How I did not completely shatter my elbow is beyond me. I did lose my vision and threw up from the pain. I was grateful at first that no one was around to see me. And then I just wanted someone around to help me back up to the trail…

Two days later, I am covered in bruises and my left arm is useless. Wish I would have gotten a better shot outta all this nonsense… But in the end, I had a great day. And I plan on returning this week to try and one-up this shot….with more grippy shoes 🙂

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Oregon Dunes by noeldong

You can really see how this beautiful place influenced Frank Herbert to write the novel DUNE.

Just look out for the sand worms.

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It is coming by AbdullaAlmajed

The most beautiful rainbows, clouds, and colors comes after a very stormy day. Our life is similar, you can always create your brightest moments during your darkest days. So always trust God and his will. Be satisfied with everything he does, or makes you do.

هذا من فضل ربي

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Deathly Swells by cwexplorationphotography

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Here’s a monochrome rendition with a slightly different crop of a photo that I recently posted. I think going monochrome with this one really helps to bring the drama out of just how stormy it was out there! The darker areas you see in the background hills are rain squalls moving through. Thunderstorms were going off like crazy while I was out on the bluff. To say it was a cool experience would be an understatement! Thanks to John Mumaw for the suggestion!

Cape Kiwanda, OR

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