Divergence by eyeofalens

For me personally I feel this is my most powerful image I have yet captured of the Oresund bridge that spans the stretch of water between Sweden & Denmark.
I love how the fog & low laying clouds swallow up the bridge as it disappears across the waters of the Oresund.
Along with contrast of these Sea buckthorns.
New Years day was a productive & invigorating one…so was today 🙂

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Apocalyptic by eyeofalens

Apocalyptic …sleep now in the fire of light & may your dreams of delusional grandeur lead the dark ones bleating pass the blindness…

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Abandoned by eyeofalens

Weather has been abysmal here so nothing but to process some files.
Well there are other things to do, but this is what I’m doing..that might change tomorrow

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Oresund´s Guardian by eyeofalens

Oresund´s Guardian

Whilst I’m waiting for winter to actually arrive here is one from summer.
To think in years long past this water used to freeze a long way out. Last time Id seen this freeze is at least 5 + years .

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The Bridge by eyeofalens

The Bridge

The Bridge
Thought it was appropriate to share this image just now, in lieu of the plight of many desperate to start a new life without the terror they leave behind.
Many have come across this bridge in recent times.

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The Lowdown by eyeofalens

The Low Down

Salt water & camera precariously hovering above the water line, gives a different perspective.
Yes real colors & no fake sun-rays added.

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Candy Floss by eyeofalens

Candy Floss

Thought id share a boat image as they seem to be in flavor lately 🙂 Have shared other images from this magic evening last year over the Oresund. In fact I have a whole heap of them from that same magic evening that I have not shared. And as I like to experiment with different things as the learning curb progresses I try different things on these images.

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The Flyover by eyeofalens

The Flyover …I don’t have to say view on black anymore ! whoo whooooo

This is one from back at the start of spring
with a story to boot. A learning curb with things going wrong.

The Flyover …actually I should really name this the comedy of errors!
1.Arrived then realized did not bring the camera I wanted to shoot with.
2.Proceed to extend legs on one of the tripods & entire inner tube pulls out !
3. Grab other tripod & now cant find the plates, hence return to initial tripod & perform a quick fix.
4. Mount camera, then realized left SD cards at home
5. Now cursing at how stupid can I be & what else can go wrong !?
6. Mount camera that has CF card installed, go to grab remote & insert now discover thats for the other camera with no frigging SD cards !
7. Cant find remote ..! so now shooting with delayed timer

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