Kangaroos Time by Andrea_Izzotti

Kangaroos while looking at you at sunset in kangaroo island…They are ready to rule the world 🙂

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T-Rex by JayDaley

We had driven some 1,000km and somehow managed to be travelling with just minutes to spare for making it on location in time for sunset. How does that happen? How can you travel so far and just happen to be cutting it that fine on time?

Anyway, we were. And we weren’t going to miss it.

We had left Balranald and the bitumen and were discussing what average speed we would need to maintain on the dirt if we were to make it on time. Finally a number was agreed upon and.. would you believe it, we made it 😉

So, here we were, in this crazy pre-historic land with 2 sunrises and 2 sunsets ahead of us – suddenly we had all the time in the world.

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Median by TrentBlomfield

Mungo National Park, NSW, Australia.

After being back to the ‘rat race’ for a week, its slightly depressing. The work that I do is one that is rewarding most of the time. But there is something about getting out and exploring the world that is around us.

Being in the middle of nowhere, a few mates, a slab of beer, and nothing but a few roos and emus playing chicken with the cars. This was a completely cleansing experience of being out in the outback.

Now, to get myself back out there.

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Happy Monday folks.

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Another world by damienhlee

I love wondering around a scene at night looking for somewhere that could be magical. When you find a place its then up to your imagination to bring it to life.

This is in a remote location in the Australian outback where you have nothing but stars, dingos, emus and roos.

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Adrenaline Nightshift by TrentBlomfield

The last weekend was a new experience for myself. I’ve never really stepped into the Australian outback. So I ventured with no real insight into it. I’ve now come to appreciate it. You are miles from anywhere and I did not have a care in the world. Simple things are extremely pleasurable – food, beer, coffee. The lack of communication with the outside world was refreshing. The lack of light pollution was pretty freaking great too. Time to get back out into this great country and explore some more.

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Deep Silence by JayDaley

Standing in the Australian outback under a starry night sky is a unique experience. Unique because there is an intense silence and a deep feeling that you are truly away from the world.

It’s a unique feeling I am growing to appreciate and love more each and every time I make the journey out into the middle of this big empty country.

Here is a shot from Mungo National Park in remote NSW. Silent, empty and truly awe inspiring.

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Spa Pool by MiekeBoynton

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Spa Pool in Hamersley Gorge (Minhthukundi) is a waterfall that sort of invites photographers to have a field day in photoshop and ‘brighten’ the colours of the water and the amazing red-and-blue rock walls. I do enjoy those photos… but part of me feels that a place as beautiful as this also deserves to be shown in its ‘real’ colours – it is so beautiful as it is. So this photo might not be as speccy as what you’ll see if you do a search in Google Images for “spa pool karijini”… but sometimes I think a place should be able to ‘speak for itself’ occasionally…

If you haven’t seen it before, it’s a place that catches the sun early and loses the sun late, so if you want the best chance to photograph it, you sort of need to get there before sunrise or stay until after sunset. I went in with a torch before sunrise for two mornings in a row and spent some peaceful hours there…

Nikon D800 + Zeiss 21mm
ISO 100 • f/8 • 93sec • 21mm

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