Lucky – Hole in One by m4photo

Captured at Durdle Door in Dorset when the sun pops through the arch, this image is one of the highlights of my year.
The weather was horrendous on the way down with rain for 3/4 of the journey and arriving on dense fog, but the early start was well worth the end results of this iconic location.
Why ‘Lucky -Hole in One’? Quite simply I was extremely lucky to get this shot because I had to let my sister get the train from Heathrow to where I live (she’s staying with us for Xmas with her family), the weather cleared just as dawn broke and I had the pleasure of three great photography friends, one that brings us luck every time we go out shooting together. Lastly, because this was my first every visit to Durdle Door and I’m immensely grateful to Paul Reiffer for setting up this shoot for us, especially given his workload at the present time.
I hope that you enjoy this image as much as I do.
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