Oxararfoss by OleHenrikSkjelstad

My over-active ad/hd brain woke me up two nights ago since it meant it had some great ideas in regards to how this image from Oxararfoss, Iceland could be edited. It was so insistent that further sleeping was out of the question. After some discussion we ended up with a composite.

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Speak the Nightsprit by DanielHerr

Somewhere between wilderness and the eye of the universe.

“Out in the cold that freezes the night
Dark stars mature to ruin the light
A constellation shines in blood
Is this the link to our ancient god?
The bearer of light with sacred flame
The fallen angel enlights our way
Open the gates of incidence
Where all began and everything ends

Save our light from the darkness
The stars remain like eyes of the fairies
Save our souls from the blackness
The stars remain like eyes of the fairies

Once we stand in the ruins of past
We are cleaned and we are lost
The guiding eye of northern skies
Shines upon the world of ice
The destiny lies at the hearth of life
A gleam of hope breaks through the night
Open the gates and break the seals
Where all began and evething ends”


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Oxarà Flow by Arild_Heitmann

Time to start sharing some of the shots from Iceland a while back. We had a great 10 days on the island with supercool clients. As always we met like strangers and left like friends.

This is Oxararfoss, our first location on the trip.

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