Lights & Shadows by DanielHerr

Every moment of light and dark is a miracle. (Walt Whitman)

Just another one from my last trip to Norway. What can I say. This area is well known as I still wrote because of Ole henrik Skjelstad and his incredible works.

So maybe something about the picture itself and what I did – better what I didnt do – here you can see a single shot: no hdr, no stitching, no artificial reflections, no big color work. I just brought some balance for lights and shadows, added some more mood and cropped the scene a litte. I like pp work a lot but when the natural conditions offers this, any kind of large pp work is useless for me. BTW, I needed no filter for this capture, not for exposure time, not for the sky, not for colors. It works, you just have to be patient 😉

via 500px