A view to a dream by BenCoffman

Matt Newman and I did a little exploring on the southern Oregon coast this fall, and we wound up back at this well-photographed location. The skies along this section of coast are surprisingly dark, and these little coves especially are difficult to photograph–the shadows just become impenetrably thick. This one took a little more work in post-processing than many of my night shots to draw out a bit of shadow detail.

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Kaboom! by MarkMetternich

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Some of the most massive breakers in the world can be seen on the Oregon Coast (USA) when the conditions are just right. This one (taken several days ago) was about 200 feet (61 meters) high. To see it in person is simply astonishing.
 I left the two people on the cliff, in the photo, for scale.

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Pacific Tsunamic Fury by MarkMetternich

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Violent and extremely chaotic Tsunami-like storm surf pounds the Pacific Coastline on Oregon’s South coastline. An awesome welcome back for me.

The person wearing the yellow rain gear was left in for a sense of scale. He is standing at 100 feet high (over 30 meters). The image was taken just as surf was crashing over us from 100 feet below.

This is a single shot, with almost no processing aside from minor color corrections.

Thank you very much for looking and I hope you enjoy (or are scared by) the image. 🙂

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Dreamland by Dustin_Wong_Photography

Redwoods State Park, California

The pacific coast is probably the most dynamic in the morning, as fog is burned off by the rising sun. Sunrays flood the canopy of these giant redwoods.

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Edge of Earth by MarkMetternich

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This photo is dedicated to Jeff Swanson. An incredible, loving and generous photographer who passed away about a year ago of Melanoma. If you are interested in raising awareness or supporting the fight against Melanoma please check the links below.

This year, partially due to avoiding the unusually hot weather in the Pacific Northwest as well as too much forest fire smoke, I had the great privilege of spending about 2 straight months on the Pacific Coastline from the top of the Olympic Coastline down through the sublime Oregon Coast and the Northern California Coast.

Here on 2 separate attempts, I scrambled and climbed down a cliffy area about 500 feet to the beach and at the lowest tide got out on a sea-stack rock to get stranded all night. I played guitar and took 15 minute naps amid the violent waves all around me. One of the funnest times I have had taking a photo. 🙂

As always Alex Noriega has been my main go to guy for processing feedback, as well as who I refer people to when I am not able to teach Post Processing via Skype, because of my rigerous travel schedule.

Support the Melanoma Research Foundation


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10 Years by MarkMetternich

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This image has been 10 years in the making. I have been attempting it periodically since 2005 but weather conditions and a stubborn Marine Layer prevented success. Then I saw Dustin Wong get out there and get it done and I was re inspired to target it.

Over 3 days of attempts, including sleeping out on a high cliff for most of the night, I finally got what I was after. A 11mm (the new Canon 11-24mm) Vertical just as the Milky Way touched the tip of the massive sea-stack below. Few places I have ever been in my life compare to the sheer grandeur of this location. A couple weeks later I had the privilege of leading my Ultimate Pacific Northwest Workshop here where everyone agreed that this was one of the best places in the entire world, to stand, let alone take photos..

A 12 day MEGA Pacific Coastline Workshop/Tour is in the works and will be announced shortly. If you are interested in joining us, simply email me a request at MarkMetternich@gmail.com to be on my Tour Announcement List, and receive free PDF brochures of my 2016 workshops. 

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A huge shout out to Dustin Wong for inspiration and to friend and photo processing extraordinaire Alex Noriega for help processing this image.

”4 Bends in 4 Days“ Tour

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The One by KristinaWilson

The Redwoods will always be one of my favorite places to visit. The blooms this year were definitely not as grand as they were last Spring, but the light was pretty magical. I had a great time meeting up and running into old friends and new friends this year. Had some great laughs, some good food and took away some good memories.
This one set of rhoadies felt like the “one ring.” There have already been some gorgeous shots of it posted here, but I thought I’d share one of mine.

Happy Thursday Everyone!

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