Take Time To Refleclt. by mosmerabsamii

“Take time to reflect” Life gets busy…appointments,deadlines,balancing priorities such as family or work. In order to survive and thrive todays world,it’s important we learn how to live a more mindful ,intentional and purposeful life.

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Take time to reflect. by mosmerabsamii

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There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.
The five on the clock face has been twisted and displaced by the glass of congac.
If you happen to be bothered or have a few moments of extra time please inlarge this image to full screen. There are details which make this image work. The reflection of the congac on the table, The numbers 4and 5 on the clock face,.the seperated pages of the book,the reflection on the stem of the glass, the brand of the congac on the glass, the white specks of dust,the white light on the pipe,

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