Hope by MichaelBollino

Broken, then Hope

This image is dedicated to Jeff Swanson, a member of our landscape photography community who passed away a year ago after battling melanoma. Although I only met him in person once, his smile, easy going, witty nature struck me immediately. Days before his death he took the time (and energy) to create a comical image based upon an inside joke then posted it to my FB timeline. It cracked me up and truly made my day. Such a good dude. The world misses him.

To honor Jeff, consider making a donation to the : Melanoma Research Foundation

Or, consider buying a print from Jeff’s Website

Thanks, please donate, and Jeff it and be there!

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Eternal Beauty by AaronReedPhotography

This image is my all time personal favorite from Rainier National Park. I am one of the guest Editors this month here on 500px and I am choosing some of my favorite images from friends and those I follow the first half of the month and then from those I don’t know the second half. If you fit into either of these categories (that means you all do) then please feel free to share a link here to your absolutely favorite image to be considered. Thank you!

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Red Carpet by MajeedBadizadegan

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I gave Mount Saint Helens a visit this year. When Mount Saint Helens erupted in 1980, this landscape was devastated. The gradual recovery in the last few decades is amazing to see. The resiliency of nature!

This was a blend of 7 exposures for focus, 3 shots for dynamic range, 2 16mm horizontal shots stitched into a Pano to capture a larger angle of view, one shot at longer focal length to capture moon detail.

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