The Floating Lands by joseramos

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“The Floating Lands”

“The floating lands, with the floating boats and the floating houses… So much magic in this exotic place. Under the right light, it is the soul who floats and cherishes such moments of just being.”

José Ramos ©

Location: Carrasqueira, Portugal

Sony a77+Sigma 10-20mm
Exposure: 30 seconds
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/9.5
3 stop Hitech ND Grad Filter
10 stop Hitech ND Filter
Remote shutter release

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The Doubt by joseramos

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It’s been long since I posted here on 500px and I miss this place a lot! Before I start posting images from my recent Iceland trip, and following a request from a photography magazine, I decided to do a remake of my photo “The Doubt”. It’s without a doubt one of my most successful photos ever, but the original quality wasn’t good enough for extremely large prints, due to some shake in the pier while I was doing the long exposure. As the photo I took next had a similar composition and much better fine detail I decided to update the image.

“The Doubt”

“Choose wisely, and never forget to leave some space for the soul to breathe…”

José Ramos ©

Exposure: 30 seconds
Aperture: f9.5
ISO: 200
Manual focus. Custom White Balance
Tripod, remote shutter.
Filters: 3 stop ND Grad (Hitech), 4 stop ND (Hitech)

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