Abandoned by eyeofalens

Weather has been abysmal here so nothing but to process some files.
Well there are other things to do, but this is what I’m doing..that might change tomorrow

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Light My Fire by eyeofalens

Light My Fire

Id have to say the evening I captured this amongst many was probably the highlight of my 2 week California trip.
When this all started up, hearing people up above me out of sight cheering, I couldnt help but smile. Often I’ve been in locations by myself & swearing or giggling like a little kid as the light go’s off, but hearing a whole load of people & many just watching not photographing was something to remember.
If I do ever return to Yosemite, ill certainly return to this little location I discovered hidden out of sight.

On a side note I should probably get my head checked based on how the shitty dynamic pulse punishes regular posters.Whats the point of it all?

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Bandon Calling by eyeofalens

Bandon Calling
Seeing as I lost a SD card on my recent trip that pretty much had all my seascapes on it, id figured id dig in & experiement a little on the plethora of Bandon images that I’ve not processed & experiment a little with a few tricks
Would go back here in a heart beat..don’t know if ill ever see light like this again.

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Serenade of Water by MajeedBadizadegan

For nine days in a row while on the Garden Island I woke up at 5:30AM so I could see stuff like this. Out there, by myself, at sunrise; it was amazing and sometimes exhausting. This is a spot similar to Thor’s Well. It’s like Thor’s long lost brother or something. I actually like this spot better than Thor’s. I like how the waves crash over the rocks here and the drain pattern is really appealing.

The first time I was trying to find this place, I parked along a dirt road. I walked about 1/3 mile in the dark of the morning, only to realize I’d left my tripod in the car. I did my best Bear Grylls by sprinting back like British special forces over uneven terrain– but alas, I missed the best light of that morning because of my forgetfulness. It did give me a good excuse, and I returned here for this sunrise a few days later.

Do you love landscape photography? So do I, so much that I teamed up with the Improve Photography network to create the first show dedicated to nature photography, please go check it out if you’re interested: Tripod: The Nature Photography Show on iTunes

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Mono Hidden Light by eyeofalens

Mono Hidden Light

If you look carefully you might see one or two remaining stars.
It as much as I was thrilled to se the sensor pulling out these cloud colors hidden to the the eye in this first morning twilight, I’m not afraid to say I was also pissed at the mentality of other photographers that turned up way after me, in fact I was the first here & had a position sorted , but the ignoramus side of some photographers shows up & just set up shop wherever they feel like without even a blink or common courtesy to ask! Its times like that I feel like using my tripod for other pusposes & reasons why I predominately prefer to shoot solo.Their ignorance forced me change postions without getting into an early morning barney.

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Nature’s Palette by johschermer

The photo was taken from the Watchtower with a view of the “Utrechtse Heuvelrug” in Doorn .. a great place to visit .
Many thanks for looking and for your most kind comments,, Hanna

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