Venetian Evening by LindaEdgecombPhotography

Venetian Hotel and Resort at Las Vegas Boulevard.seen is the replica of St. Mark’s Campanile and Rialto Bridge.:) It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and photographed. I have traveled to Las Vegas the most and this from one of my trips there…thank you dear friends so dearly for your constant kindness !! ^_^

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Lagoon Palms by 500V4

Untouched tropical island I explored with coral white sand beaches and palms hanging over the shallow warm waters of the pristine lagoon.

The world appears very very far when visiting these remote virgin islands.

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99.1 DELETED!!! “Permanent Vacation” by 500V4

This photo got 99.1 pulse yesterday and I accidentally DELETED IT!! 😦

I have to repost it and unfortunately have lost all the great comments from fellow photographers. Not asking for charity but if you like it please vote!

Uninhabited island with amazing transparent lagoon, hanging palms and white coral sands. At the time of shooting it was untouched by man. I named it PERMANENT VACATION.

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Location Check by eetschman

I wanted to do some Light Painting during my vacation in the dominican republic and i was checking the location with the car lights .. then i thought it is a cool picture by itself .. and the i was running around with the flashlight to put some more light onto the rest of the scene

also what i did like was that the milky way just started to rise above the palms ..

i hope you like it!

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