Rolling Hills of Palouse by terenceleezy | Facebook | Flickr

Ran into Chip Phillips here running a workshop that morning. As usual, this is one of those places that’s not close to anywhere on the map, probably made famous by Chip Phillips sets of ridiculous good images from here. Google it, you will be wowed. It’s not on the way to anywhere but if you do go though, stop by Palouse Falls, it’s great. By the way, I don’t mean stop by, I probably meant take a 1 or 2 hours detour from the state park. :p

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Solstice Sunset by BrandtM

I try to avoid reposting a file, however, due to the lack of a replacement option in 500px, every once in a while a current edit of a previous photo is so much better it seems to make sense to update it with a new upload. This is from the June Solstice, or within a day or two of it, in 2014. Thank you for visiting.

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Green Dream by JohanEickmeyer

Notice of alteration. The little road behind the tree has been removed in one section. I felt it always detracted from the artful composition of an otherwise great scene. It’s not something I would usually do, but if done, I will disclose the changes.

Let me know what you think! I am still not quite sure if this image has been framed the best way or not, so I would appreciate feedback if possible.

Thanks for looking!

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